“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”

Will Rogers

“If you want to make a small fortune in aviation start with a large fortune”

Howard Hughes

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What are we all about?

Our website is for the general aviation aircraft pilot or aviation enthusiast. We have data on all types of general aviation aircraft as well as commercial aircraft and helicopters .

Choose the criteria or just select the models you want to compare. Sort the data by performance, payload, or whatever you choose.

We have the easiest to use and best side-by-side aircraft performance database and operation cost comparison tool on the web and best of all it is FREE! No reason to pay for Operational Cost/Performance Reports when you can get them here for FREE! 

We all have our preferences high wing vs. low wing, Beech vs. Piper, or Cirrus, or Cessna, or speed vs. range. Well at what-to-fly.com we equip you so you can decide WHY you choose WHAT you choose and you might find out you have MORE choices than you thought…that’s what we’re about informed choices!

Here’s the info on why we’re here, how we got here and how we plan to help you. Simply said, like most pilots I am passionate about planes and again like most pilots I am A-type in my quest for the best and seeking out how to get it!

Well my “quest” or research is how this site came into being.I knew I wanted to fly, I was going to try and use my plane to make my business more profitable and I didn’t want to worry about figuring payload/fuel trade offs every time someone decided to bring an extra piece of luggage.

I spent the next few months reading and buying books, searching the web and collect information anywhere I could that would let me compare features, operating costs, and performance side-by-side and narrow down my search for the my perfect plane.

Well after much info gathering and data entry I could finally start my comparing. After finding my plane it occured to me that with all my work and research I can save other people a lot of time and effort and hopefully better equip them to make their decision on an airplane in a shorter amount of time.

What-to-Fly.com is your chance to save time, effort and money and find the plane that best fits your needs!

Good Luck and Happy Flying!

If you would like to contact us… email us: info@what2fly.com